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HERA - Figures, Facts and Information

For over 130 years, we have been engaged in manufacturing at our company location in Kirchhundem in the Sauerland region, primarily focused on innovations for the automotive, electrical and construction industries. Working at our 18,000-square-meter business premises and 7,400-square-meter production and warehousing facility, our 70 highly motivated employee make sure that our products are the best they can be.

The products we manufacture have been used around the world in the following areas:

  • Automotive supply industry 51%
  • Electrical industry 17%
  • Construction supply industry 11%
  • Household goods 8%
  • Warehousing and operational equipment 8%
  • Other 5%


Skilled and motivated employees are all-important to our company. Many of our employees have been loyal to us since they began their training. This attests to good internal cohesion and fair treatment of one another.

Our team currently consists of the following:

  • Administrative area - 16 employees
  • Tool making / maintenance / construction - 13 employees
  • Quality management - 3 employees
  • Manufacturing / logistics - 38 employees

The company has always welcomed interns in its commercial and technical areas. This is how we insure that younger workers we have personally trained will find their way into the ranks of our employees.




Per year, we process approximately 4000 tons of primary materials into around 5000 different products.

  • Belt material - 2000 tons
  • Wire material - 1650 tons
  • Pipe material - 350 tons

Our standard production program includes steel, stainless steel, copper, brass and aluminum products.

Of course, depending on product requirements or customer requests, we are able to rely on additional materials and special alloys.

Machinery park / Production

In our production, we utilize modern and demand-driven manufacturing systems such as

  • Wafios, Post and Lafranconi bending machines
  • Bihler stamping and bending machines
  • Automatic press machine and presses up to 300 tons
  • Resistance welding systems
  • Welding robots
  • Plastic coating application system

Virtually all tools, devices and gauges are planned, constructed and manufactured in our own tool-making facility.

Our quality management team oversees production and evaluates gauges, supported by high-precision measurement machinery.

Whenever coatings or special surface finishing are required, we rely on the skills and expertise of reliable companies that have partnered with us for many years.

Products are made ready for transport and temporarily stored in a computer-controlled and inventory-managed high-bay warehouse.