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Tool making

Tool making

The technological heart of our company is the manufacture of tools. We gladly take over responsibility for the construction of your highly innovative and precise operating resources (tools, gauges and devices), often with integrated deliveries (for parts such as screws, nuts, rivets).

All these resources are designed in accordance with the quantities you require. This shall apply to furnace and sintered steels (hard metal) in partial connection with PVD or CVD coating. Long-term partnerships with professional material suppliers and coating service providers guarantee the necessary successful implementation.

We have a highly modern machinery park in the area of mechanical processing (technology for milling, turning, grinding and eroding) as well as a modern try-out press.

Most of the tools used in our repetitive manufacturing and prototype construction are produced in our own tool-making facility. These are made by employees we ourselves have trained, craftsmen who are highly familiar with all areas of our repetitive manufacturing and prototype construction. They provide our guarantee for performance and innovation.

Flawless operating equipment is the prerequisite for a stable process, saving you and all of us time and money!

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